The Committee

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The Society is served by an active committee who manage the running of the shop, organise three Flower Shows a year (which are growing in popularity), organise Club and Quiz Nights, produce a Year Book and Newsletters, and arrange several Coach Outings each year.

Position Name(s)
Trustees Mrs. H. Cade
Mr. M.J. Collins
Mr. T. Babbage
Mr. R. Frith
Executive Committee Chairman
General Secretary
Stores Manager
Chairman Mr. T. Babbage
Vice Chairman Mr. R. Frith
Treasurer Mrs. H. Cade
General Secretary Mrs. A. Coulter
Show Secretary Mrs. S. Foxen
Assistant Show Secretary Mrs. B. Chandler
Minutes Secretary Mrs. G. Horgan
Membership Secretary Mr. R. Frith
Social Secretary Mrs. J. Whitworth
Outings Secretary Mrs. H. Cade
Store Manager Mr. R. Frith
Committee Members Mr. S. Bailey
Mrs. K. Jamieson
Mrs. L. Vanderheide
Mrs. D. Neadley
Mr. P. Colvin
Mrs. D. Colvin
Mr. N. Crabb
Hon. Auditor Mr. M. J. Collins
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