Society History

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The Benfleet Horticultural Society was formed at a special meeting on Wednesday, 2nd June 1920. The minutes shown are of that meeting. In effect, the Society was in existence before that, but the name was changed from the South Benfleet Food Producers Association in 1920. Our minutes for that Association go back to October 1918, but we are certain that the Food Producers Association goes back to the late 1800's.

It is interesting to compare some facts from 1918-28 to the present day:

Annual membership fee 1918-28 6d (2.5p), 2014 £2.00

Entrance fee to show 1918-28 3d (just over 1p), 2014 50p

Seed Potatoes ordered 1918-28 5cwt, 2014 625Kg

It is also interesting to note that in 1918 the committee complained to the supplier of the Scottish Seed Potato "Epicure" that they were too small. The reply was that Seed Potatoes the size of a marble would provide a good crop. In 2011, 93 years on, we advised our supplier that our "Epicure" were also small, but at least ours were golf ball size.

Should any member like to read the Minutes Book covering the years 1918 to 1928, it can be made available at the Stores, but unfortunately, it cannot be taken away.