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The store provides contact with, and feedback from, the members. It is a meeting place for like-minded gardeners where problems (mainly gardening) can be discussed, and hopefully answers provided. Between the staff (all volunteers), there is a wealth of gardening experience. Opening hours are shown below.

We maintain a list of perennials (opens in a new page), any of which might be in stock.

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We stock fertilisers including Sulphate of Ammonia, Sulphate of Potash, Superphosphate, Growmore, Hoof & Horn, Bone Meal, pelleted Chicken Manure, Spring & Summer lawn feed, Autumn lawn feed, lawn feed & weed, garden lime and Osmocote slow release feed and more.

We stock various sizes of Phostrogen and Miracle feeds. We also have Maxicrop and tomato liquid feeds.

Potting composts include soil-less composts and the usual soil-based John Innes (2 & 3), plus Jones' Multipurpose and soil-less composts. We also stock grow bags and decorative bark.

picture of some dahlias for sale

Plant protection materials include fleece, bubble polythene, weed mat, greenhouse shading, and capillary matting.

Also in stock are a range of pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, and weedkillers.

There is a wide range of pots, hanging baskets and containers, plant stakes, and garden tools.

We sell a wide range of plants, vegetables, shrubs, herbaceous perennials, roses, seasonal bedding plants, etc.


Shrubs are a mainstay of any garden, little maintenance is required and form a background to annual and cottage flowering plants, and will always look healthy and green if chosen well for their position.

Some shrubs are already in stock at the store, but as part of the service to members the range is increasing all the time, so call into the store or keep an eye on this web site for more information on the range.

When planting shrubs and trees, a dusting of bonemeal or superphosphate will help root development, and the warm moist soil makes autumn the ideal time to do it.


The emergence of perennials from winter dormancy into spring growth is part of the magic of the season.

picture of some perennials for sale

The perennials in your garden can easily be overlooked when many of them are sleeping during winter, as some perennials have foliage that dies back, but the rootstock is permanent. Like annuals, perennials can provide a colourful display, with the advantage that they don't need to be replanted each year. Perennials can be planted among shrubs or used as a backdrop to annuals. The classic perennial bed is wide enough to display a range of plants, and long enough for repetition plantings to create a lovely flow. Perennials vary widely in size, shape and colours, and there are plants to suit every climate, aspect and soil.

We also have pansies, violas and primulas for winter and early spring colour for borders and pots.


In the shop, we have a good selection of quality bulbs. Indoor and outdoor hyacinths are available, both loose and in pots. Tulips can go in right up to the end of the year and still put on a good show next spring. As a rule of thumb, bulbs should be planted at a depth of three times their height. On heavy soils, a little sharp sand below the bulb will provide drainage.

Please remember that seed potatoes sell out early and it is advisable to come to the store in the early days of February to make sure you get the varieties you like.

If you have any special requests for particular plants or varieties, please ask at the store - if we can supply it, we'll be happy to do so.

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